Tuesday 10 December 2013

Come along and guess the song!

Yay I've gotten back to writing my guess the songs--I do love 'em, I must admit. So today's little offering is a wee bit on the dark side, in honour of my Gothic romance novellas. There's a copy of either of my novellas up for grabs if you get it right and I'll post the name of the winner, along with a YouTube clip of the song on Friday. 

Have a read, and see if you know the song behind the story. 

She had the most beautiful, blood-red lips. They were all I could focus on even as she looked into my eyes and smiled. The red was the colour of the roses that grew wild by the river. She was the one.

He was dashing and swept me off his feet with his sensitivity and broodiness. I decided he was going to be my first love. So when he knocked on my door, I opened and abandoned myself to him. He was sure and certain and everything a first lover should be. He looked after me.

I found a beautiful flower to bring to her, but even that paled beside her beauty. Did she know where the wild flowers grew, I asked her, picturing her amongst them.

The second day he came to me with another flower. He liked to hear me talk about my past, my losses and sorrows. I nodded as I lay on the bed because he wanted to take me to where these beautiful flowers of his grew. He is so sensitive, my lover. Of course I would go.

On the third day, I dressed carefully, looking forward to a day spent out by the river with my love. My true love. He took my hand and led me to where the wild flowers grew and there we kissed, lingeringly and I felt a sense of loss. The wind lightly lifted my hair off the nape of my neck and a shiver tiptoed down my spine. The last thing I heard was his low spoken words, of what he said, I do not know. My lover.

On the last day, I took her to the river and lay her back against the flowers. Such beauty could not live. The rock in my hand felt satisfyingly heavy.

But before she left, I placed a flower between her teeth.

I can't remember her name, my wild flower.

I told you it was dark. Bless, poor girl. So, any ideas? If you know you know (cryptic hey) just leave the initials of the band so others can still guess. Thanks. Have fun!


  1. A test comment.

  2. Some folk are having trouble posting so I am posting this on behalf of Lisbeth Foye who thinks NC & KM.

  3. NC and KM "Where the wild roses grow"

    1. Good guess Laurie...is it right?! Thanks for coming by :)

  4. I am stumped ... but this is verra interesting!

  5. Where the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue. That's the version I know.

    1. They're an odd couple, aren't they? Are you right though...thanks for playing along!