Monday 7 January 2013

As RtS hits the e-stores, meet my heroine and hero!

It's today -- woohoo! Romancing the Seas debuts at,, Book Strand and Crimson Romance. I'm so thrilled, albeit a bit nervous! I figured it was about time you met Pippa and Jonathon, so I've invited them here to answer a few questions :).

Cait: 'Five words to describe yourselves please?'

Jonathon: 'English, mature, CEO and um...what else?'
He casts a look at Pippa, his tawny eyes beseeching help. 

Pippa: 'Man of few words? Humble?'  
At this, the twinkle in her eyes heralds giggles. 

Jonathon:  'Thanks for your help, dear loved one.'

Pippa (covering her mouth with one hand, hiding her smiles): 'Sarcastic, don't forget sarcastic.'

Jonathon mock frowns at her and reaching to pull down her hand, gives it a squeeze. He doesn't let go, either.
Jonathon:  'Let's see, you need two fit, healthy.'

Pippa: 'You sound like an advert for a dating site!'

Jonathon makes a sweeping gesture with his other hand and, quirking an eyebrow, says: 'Let's see you do better.'

Pippa: 'discerning, despite evidence here to the contrary.' She smiles at Jonathon, her attraction for him causing her emerald gaze to sparkle. 'swimmer, head-chef, traveller and fiancee.' Lowering her head, she sneaks a peak back at Jonathon from below her lashes and her cheeks warm as she takes in his loving look. 

Jonathon: 'Not for much longer, this time next'll be wife.'

Pippa: 'As long as it's not mother-to-be, I'm not ready for that yet.'

Jonathon kisses her hand and messes his unruly dark hair even more by running his long fingers through it, never once taking his gaze from Pippa.

Pippa: 'Don't be giving me that unspoken charm Mr Eagleton. You forget it takes a lot to get to me.' She smiles coquettishly, looking happy with herself. 

Jonathon throws his head back and laughs. 'Of course it does. But I am a lot, and more besides that. So I know I get to you. Obviously in only the best way.'

Pippa nods at me, a knowing look on her face: 'I mentioned humble, didn't I?'

Cait thinking it's time to break this up: 'How exciting, you're getting married. What have you got planned?'

Jonathon settles back in his chair and nods at Pippa to take over. 

'We're just doing something very simple. Neither of our families live in New Zealand, so it's a very small affair. Just us, four friends and an official who can marry us are going to trek up to Surveyor's Peak and Jonathon and I will exchange our vows up there.'
Her eyes glisten as she looks at Jonathon as though seeing him for the first time. 'I can't wait.'

Jonathon reaches over to cup her cheek and drops a kiss on the corner of her mouth. 'Nor can I.'

Pippa, her voice turning husky:'Then afterwards, Jean-Pierre -- another head chef -- is going to cater us a fine dinner in the tramper's hut up there...we have fond memories of it, after all."

There's a thump as Jonathon stands abruptly, his chair falling backwards. 'Speaking of which...' he holds his hand out to Pippa and nodded to me. 'You've got enough?'

Cait: 'No, not really.' I mean, c'mon!

Jonathon: 'Perhaps we can talk to you more later. But right now, we've got to go.'

Pippa puts her hand in Jonathon's, and laughing, stands up. 'Sorry Cait, we'll catch you later. Maybe tomorrow, or next week. Hey, come to the wedding, write about it ...that'd be a laugh. But we'll definitely do a coffee...soon.'

They disappear out of the door, faster than a whirlwind. I watch them go, happiness and sadness warring within me. What is it that's said about children? Give them roots and wings? Well mine have certainly found their wings :).So much for a few questions, hey.


  1. I love character interviews. They are the best way for me to get to know a story and this one sounds wonderful, Cait. Here's wishing you many sales! Congratulations. :)
    -R.T. Wolfe

    1. Thanks Tanya, they're fun aren't they! Cheers for coming on by!

  2. Hi, Jonathon and Pippa (and Cait!)!! Congrats on your release day!!

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  4. Many congrats on your release, Cait!!!!! Wishing you many, many sales!! Enjoyed the interview! These two sound like they are going to be fun to read so I'm running out to get my copy!!

  5. Fantastic interview Cait! I LOVE these two together, they were such good fun to read about in Romancing the Seas and I was sad to leave them at the end. Here's hoping you make squillions of sales. Congratulations on becoming a fully fledged published author! xx

  6. I loved reading RtS and I LOVE Pippa and Jonathon...they are fun!

    Congrats on RELEASE DAY Cait! xoxo

  7. Congrats on your release, Cait!

  8. Congratulations on your release and becoming a published author :) SQUEE! Enjoyed your interview, now I want the book!

  9. I love your SQUEE Sheri! Thanks.

  10. Congrats, Cait! Nice meeting Pippa and Jonathan. They seem like the perfect couple.

    1. ah the ones in fiction always are, aren't they? LOL

  11. Cute interview, Cait! Congrats on your release! I wish you lots and lots of sales!

  12. Congrats on being a published author!

  13. Happy Release Day, Cait! Doing a happy dance with you and wishing you many sales.

  14. Love it! Congrats on the release!

  15. Congratulations on your release, Cait! I read an excerpt and it sounds yummy! And your interview just affirms that. Here's wishing you many, many sales!

  16. Congrats, Cait... Sorry I didn't stop by earlier. Release day is crazy! I loved the banter between them and the excerpt. Wish you many sales.

    1. It's lovelyly crazy isn't it! Best of luck you too with Gambling on a Secret :)