A gentle chord strokes my soul.
I leave my mind
and soar on the rising melodies.
The beat of the drum guides me, whilst
falling all around me
with golden warmth and dark eyes,
a kaleidoscope of notes.
I open
and catch you.

There’s grit in my eyes, they’re sore.
A hole in my tummy where blood should be.
Framed in a vacuum, I'm falling,
The earth yawning open for me.
Behind my eyes, there’s a forever story.
Behind my eyes we shine.
But now I see I'm leaving, 
Don't tell me it's not meant to be.

to be in love with the Universe is to be free

I stand on the cusp
Of land and sea
The warm ocean kissing my toes.
Sand coloured air glows,
the egg shell sky
a canvas for the deepening
pink and orange silken twirls.
My lungs fill with sea air,
Glorious, hectic, fresh
Sea air.
I breathe out
And join the wind.

Optimism (by Janet & Karen)

The belief that the Universe will do fun things out of the blue for you.

Story of Summer 2012

We walked across London Bridge
The wind pushing the sun in our faces.

She and I
extricate ourselves
from the treacle-like business
of our every day lives.

The edge of excitement lights.

Hotel reached and left.
Vicky, Mohammed, Freddie,
All smile.
Not forgetting Dan.
Our lovely bartender.

Dark air glitters with rainbows
The electric guitar in the hands of     
The black man in gold                        
moulds the movements
Of my hips.

We rise back to earth
Excited, smiling, drinking.                                         
Our breath leaves us
In long low dances

The crowds part
For the gold man in black
Oh it’s you
He kisses me.
thrust us                                             
further into the multi-coloured
where vibrancy lives.            

Passing clouds and Jally.
Delicious word play making us smile.
Black taxis without lights
Cups of tea and smoky cigarettes
Sleeping with Miyabelle.

Pink raspberry Bellini’s
And Connor.

Excitement burns.

Vicky smiles us in and
The yellow and black beauty on stage
Catapults us
Into the flickering world of caves and spirits.
A momentary warp in time.
Later she is human
You dance good
Samba entrances
Belly dancers whirl
Chakras open
The air thickens and
we escape.

We lounge on the steps,
The sun on our faces
and admire the drummer.
Charmed sisters
sharing our delight with
the boys                                             
Come out to watch us play.

Back at the hotel
The sound of Medicine men
Keep us company
The world dissolves.
A lion
touches his nose to mine.

I am pride.

The night disappears under a kaleidoscope               
Of Positivity and DJ’s,
We spin, exhausted

The following morning, London Bridge greets us anew.
Lit up, made up.


Writer's Block

From a pressure cooker
A word,
Dark green and velvety,
And falls, stunned
onto the page

Another one joins it
They look at each other
And edge, imperceptibly, away.


Wildlings (by Janet & Karen)

The world is our land,
the stars our journeys
on the way to following our dreams.
The Universe has our infinite trust
as we dance our lives,
knowing there is magic around every corner.
We are Wildlings.


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