Sunday 18 November 2012

Come and along and guess the song!

Dear all,

this week's story is based on a contemporary love song, by a Nashville trio. I'm not going to give anymore away right now, as I do think this shouldn't be tough :). But clues will be posted throughout the day and the YouTube clip will be posted on Thursday. Have fun and enjoy the story!

New clue: As of April 17, 2011, the song is the 9th most downloaded song in history, moving 5,000,000 copies, and is the most downloaded country song in history as of April 2011, surpassing Taylor Swift's "Love Story"

Finally he gives in and calls her number, only to have his heart dip as he connects to her voice mail. There would be no sweet relief from the over riding desire to talk to her. Does he ever cross her mind?

 He hangs his head and leaves a message. Call me.

Lying on her bed, the battery indicator of her phone glows red. But all she notices are memories she already shares with him.Picture perfect memories.

The first time they met.

The first time they laughed together. How happy she was to see him throwing back his head to laugh delightedly with her.  

Meetings where they both danced around their feelings, perhaps these tugging emotions could be ignored. Or were they real and she might – maybe – have to feel the hurt anew that can come with loving someone? 

She brushes her mouth lightly with her fingers, wondering what it would be like to feel his lips upon hers.   

She paces. Was he thinking of her?  She needs him now.

The night is in full swing. Beautiful girls flirt with him and try to catch his attention but it keeps wandering to her. He drinks another shot, unable to pull his eyes from the door. Is she going to appear and create sunlight where before there were shadows? Did he ever cross her mind?

It was getting late and the alcohol was going to his head. He really didn't think he could do without her, wanting her to be right there, beside him. Then, and only then, would he be able to think again.  

She picks up her bag and runs out the door. Far better to risk being hurt then not to feel anything, ever again. It was time to not be alone anymore, not when he walks the earth. And when hers connects with his, a brand new bubble of a world weaves and sparkles around them. She wants to be in their world. 

He needs her now.  Was she coming? The door opens for what seems like the hundredth time that hour. He sees familiar hair. His heart expands and adrenaline rushes through his veins. Is it her? Desperately, he tries to get a better view of the door. 

He was right. 

She was here.

All was right in their world.


  1. I'm afraid I don't know the song, will look forward to hearing it on Thursday - I love happy endings!

  2. Loved that story, even though I have no clue about the

    Looking forward to hearing the details!

  3. 'tis a very sweet song, hence the sweet story :) thanks for dropping in, Christine!

  4. I can't think of one trio out of Nashville! My mind is blank. Cute story :)

  5. LOL you'll kick yourself when you hear it :) thanks for coming by!

  6. I just can't figure these out!!!

  7. okay here's another clue :) A music video was shot for the song, directed by Dave McClister. In the video the song has an extended piano intro, and features all members of the group acting out scenes related to the storyline.[10] The song was initially released only to the country radio format in the United States and Canada on August 24, 2009,[1] but was remixed and re-released to all other formats domestically and internationally at the beginning of 2010.

  8. I'm clueless, too, Cait. Can't wait until Thursday!

  9. LOL, just call me clueless, but this is fun.

    1. As long as it's fun that's good :). Thanks for visit, Brenda!

  10. Yeah!!! I know this one! Told you if you got some country songs, I'd be all over it.

    Lady Antibellum, Need You Now. LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

    And I liked your story!

  11. :))) is all I can say Sara, are you right?! LOL

  12. Just happens to be one of my favorite songs and favorite groups! I <3 them! Awesome story, Cait!

  13. Oh lovely, I'm so pleased to hear that, Ceri :) thanks for coming by.

  14. Kid Rock's Picture? Probably not...

  15. I know nothing about country music, but if it is Lady Antebellum's Need You Now I love that song! Love that group. Just don't think of them as country. LOL Beautiful story, Cait. Is there more on the horizon?

  16. Hey Jenna, thanks very much for your lovely comments :). I try to post a story on a Monday, then follow it up with the YouTube link on Thursday, all very nice and easy :)