Wednesday 26 July 2017

Unrequited Alice by Sarah Louise Smith

I picked up this gem by Sarah Louise Smith from Crooked Cat at 0.99p and I loved it!!
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Unrequited Alice is warm and welcoming and took me away to the Niagara Falls and New York, then gently deposited me back on my sofa after a most satisfying read. Alice is great; she's a down-to-earth girl making her way through life, is as sorted as she needs to be and I really felt like she'd be a good friend in real life. The book went at a good pace, never letting me put it down without a sigh when life insisted upon it. Everything described, the events, the places, the experiences all rang true for me and several times, I was nodding along with the book, so engrossed was I. The primary characters aside (I loved Toby!), Alice's friends were also great characters and for me this, more than anything, is what really made the read fantastic. The attention to detail to each person and each scene was minute and made for a well-rounded, interesting and a cracking read.

Perfect chick-lit to warm the cockles of your heart!

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