Saturday 28 June 2014

Taming the Tango Champion

And it has arrived, the 7th July 2014 (mighty fine date!!) Ava and Matthias have travelled out into the real world today yay! Check it on out!!

One dance is not enough.

CONTENT WARNING: Hot dancing and a hotter hero!
London TV presenter, Ava Whittaker, has a baby by twice-former Argentine Tango Champion Matthias de Romero. The problem? He doesn't know. Fast forward two years and Matthias is the judge on a new dance show,  one where Ava is a contestant. But time hasn 't healed the wound of discovering he became engaged straight after their tryst whilst on holiday in the Andes. Although she's in love with Matthias, she carefully guards her secret and her heart from him.

 In search of answers on why Ava walked out on him, Matthias takes a place as a judge on a new London TV show, To Dance or Not to Dance. But seeking answers only creates more questions.

Will the glitterball--and her secret--cause their intense feelings to burn out or fan further the flames of desire?

I had written this after I had travelled around the world, but no, I didn't fall in love with a hot Argentine rancher...although...ah that'd be telling!! Suffice it to say, I feel a strong connection with this book, both with Ava being a single mother and her hot dang love of dancing. The story starts when her child is two but I had originally written it when she was in Argentina (I love the country and had to write about it).

So I have those three chapters posted up here for those who'd like to read the back story before being catapulted into the explosive and technocoloured world of To Dance or Not To Dance!! Have fun!!


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