Sunday 2 March 2014

Come along and guess the song :)

Have a little read of the below and if you think you know what the contemporary song is behind the story is, make a guess. A copy of Mugs & Monasteries is the prize. So go for it. I don't think it's that difficult today, the fifth paragraph probably gives it away :). Good luck!

I can’t sleep.  But the dreams, they’re vivid. Are they still called daydreams if you dream them at night? For I’ve been daydreaming about you and everything that we could be. 

I’ve conversed with the Universe and made a deal. If you come into my arms, then I will bring the energy that is you and I up to join the countless others stars in the night sky. Who cares about reality when you can be amongst the stars?

Life can be gone in the blink of an eye, so tell me, please, shall I reach out and immerse myself in the energy that is you and I, or let it swing by? My heart is on that line, it’s written in my eyes. All you need to do is open yours. 

A younger me would've reached out with all of my being and hung on. Was I ever that bold though? Perhaps I kid myself that I was a different person to the one I am now, kid myself that I would take what I wanted irrespective of the cost. The world changes, I hope I have too. And the older I get, the more comfort I take in just doing what the Universe whispers.

So why does doing something so right not feel right? And why does not doing something wrong feel so wrong?  Has the world stood on its head for us?  Because if so, perhaps I’ll be able to lie now. I could never do that. 

Or maybe if I allow myself to die a little death, I’ll be more alive.

I still can’t sleep.

This chemistry is smouldering.  Let's gently slide into it so no-one notices. But reality may prove too strong, pulling you back until you burn with what ifs, whilst I soar alone amongst the countless stars.  Or will hope be the river that cools us down?


  1. Ooh, lovely lyrics. I have absolutely no idea where they're from, but I'd love to hear them sung.
    x C x

  2. :) I'm figuring I've messed with them too much if you don't know them Christy, 'twill be interesting to see if anyone knows them. Thanks for popping by xoxo