Monday 28 October 2013

Release~Mugs & Monasteries and Sefton Manor~Release

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Release Day has finally arrived and my two babies are out there in the wide world, wondering what happens next. Now I know you're wondering which one to buy, so to help you decide, I've put together a little comparison chart :). 

    Sefton Manor versus Mugs & Monasteries
Martha Kendall, a vet
Evie Bourke, orchid hunter
Will Fellowes, a cellist
Aiden Dunne, alpaca farmer
Small village and haunted house in Norfolk, UK
Monastery and small village in the Burren, Ireland
Mad grandmothers, fertile grounds, pacts with the devil, lost children,
Munster Abbey went up in flames mid-nineteenth century but nothing remains. Until Evie chances onto it, meets Aiden and together the pair go back, little realising what was waiting for them.
Heat level
Hawt! Sefton Manor was classified as Romantic Erotic Gothic when it was first accepted. 5/5
4/5 not quite so hot and I don’t think erotic would apply here…feel free to correct me J
Both short reads packing a punch in under 18k words.

Classic good versus evil plot

Mugs is more lighthearted than Sefton but Sefton has more layers to it, with a few more characters for balance. Mugs has Mrs Appletree though J

This is a most enjoyable book by brilliant new Irish author and released just in time for Hallowe'en. Not exactly a ghost story but 'otherworldly'. It is set in The Burren in the west of Ireland and the author makes great use of  this very unique landscape to weave a most fascinating tale. If  you ever visited The Burren you would feel its captivating atmosphere in this story and believe that Munster Abbey could be just under your feet. Once started I couldn't put this book down - fortunately it is not too long! The sizzling last chapter created a 'heavenly' bridge between the past and the present - I would love to read more about these two delightful characters.
I would highly recommend this book
I enjoyed this book immensely. It takes a very novel approach to the haunted house story.
It zinged along at a cracking pace, both the developing horror and the relationship between Martha and Will. If you like a good 'yarn' this is the book for you - scary enough to give you a knot in your tummy, but not to give you nightmares! Would highly recommend it.

So there you go, have I helped at all? I have a feeling not. Well if you can't make up your mind, get 'em both at only £1.91 or $2.99 each. Check out their blurbs by clicking on the tab 'My Books'. 

 Buy Links Amazon(UK):      Sefton Manor
                                                 Mugs & Monasteries
         Musa Publishing (US):        Sefton Manor
                                                 Mugs & Monasteries

Mugs & Monasteries should be read first, in my opinion, saving Sefton for last! Although I love them both and each time  I read one, I decide it’s the best. Until I read the other. 

Thanking yee all for your support and happy reading. 

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  1. Congratulations Cait and good luck - I have read both books and loved them. Hungry for more! Mairead