Sunday 15 September 2013

New Year, New Books :)

Okay, I know it's not a New Year, but I always feel September brings new and exciting times. From the years of education starting this time every year, I guess it's deeply ingrained for a lot of folk. There is something very comforting too about September. Time to settle back in at home after Summer's gadding about and get prepared for the Winter ahead. Funny, I always bake more at this time of year too, perhaps this urge is an age-old one to stock up before the lean months ahead :).

September 2012 brought with it my first contract, a thrilling occasion for any author, and I can't quite recall the dark days before I had the confidence of a Publishing House. That was huge.

September 2013 is bringing it's own excitment as I prepare for the launch of my two Gothic romances, dropping on the 25th October. Only short reads, around 16,000 words, these two pack quite a punch. I loved loved LOVED writing both Sefton Manor and Mugs and Monasteries, and couldn't pick a favourite. Sefton Manor is based in Norfolk, England. Mugs and Monasteries is set in the Burren, Ireland. If it were based on location alone, Mugs would have to win. The Burren is my spiritual home, here have a look:

But then the hero in Sefton Manor is a musician and a pretty darn good one too...

Anyway, my book covers are coming SOON. I can't wait to share them as I'm really very much in love with them too. Is there anything more thrilling than seeing your book come to life under an expert illustrator?! Fabulous.

In other news, I'm writing my Epic Fantasy, word count currently 25,000. This is the first of four books so methinks it may take a wee while before I'm writing about their release :) but it will be epic when it happens :).

I hope the September New Year is starting well for you all too and that the Autumn dazzles in all its glory.