Sunday 10 February 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday these six paragraphs carry on from last Sunday (post just down below) and a clip from Romancing the Seas. Realisation has dawned and Pippa has just run like the clappers upstairs to see if there's any way she can stop Jonathon eating the chili laced sauce. Jonathon has bemused her by complimenting her on the first course. Is she too late?


“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Pippa managed to get the words out from a tight throat. “I hope you enjoy the rest too. Can I get you anything else?” But out of her peripheral vision, she saw him take a mouthful of his main course. She turned to look fully at him as he hesitantly swallowed and coughed, tears coming to his eyes.

Juliet’s voice sounded sweet as sugar. “Oh, darling, did it go down the wrong way? Here, have some of my water.” Taking advantage of the situation, she draped her arm around his shoulder as he quietly coughed some more. She glared at Pippa. “Or maybe it’s poisonous. Perhaps your wonderful chef isn’t so wonderful. Here, let me take a taste.”

She raised a fork.

Pippa’s stomach twisted. Jonathon’s eyes met hers, and she was sure he could see her plea. Don’t let her try it!

“Juliet!” Her mother’s voice rang out through the room. “Your behaviour is appalling. What is the matter with you?”

Pippa gently blew out a long breath of air. Her future on board wasn’t looking good as it was, never mind the disaster that would ensue if Juliet had tried the hot sauce. The sweet, caring look that had been predominant on Juliet’s face turned into a pettish, childish snarl. 

Come back next week to see what Jonathon does. And later on in Romancing the Seas, Juliet throws more than a few spanners in the works, stay tuned :). But for now, hop on over to the Sneak Peek Sunday blog to read yet more great paragraphs. Have a great week!