Monday 31 December 2012

The In-between Space

Heck, I just love this time of year. The old year taking it's last breath, bowing out gracefully before the shiny new adolescent of a year that's going to bound through the door shortly. I thank the old year from the bottom of my heart; it brought me such immense pleasure as my first book got picked up for publication by Crimson Romance. Then my second by Musa Publishing. Thank you 2012, you were very generous and kind to me. I wish you well.

And this in-between time is such a lovely place to be. It's all ahead of you, a brand spanking new year to do things in, to reach for and attain more goals, to see how much you can laugh (did you know that {apparently} 15 minutes of laughing is as much benefit to you as two hours sleep?) and love. We are all flirting with the New Year, trying it on for size and wondering what it will bring. Magic shimmers in the background write that book, dance dance dance and love. Be a love and love. It's all there, waiting to happen all you've got to do is make it so. 

2013 -- I even love the numbers 1 and 3 and put together they look so good. January 01.01.13 -- how nice is that to look at? Even better, 07.01.13 (or 01.17.13 for those of you in the States), that is a seriously beautiful date, not only because of the numbers but because this is the date where Romancing the Seas actually reaches the e-shelves and people other than I and my critique partners get to read my words.

It's the most wonderful time.

I wish each and every one of you a fabulous New Year's Eve, saying goodbye to 2012, and a wonderfully magic 2013. Thanks for coming by to read my blog, I promise it will be bigger and better in 2013. Thanks for commenting and all the wonderful support shown to me. As I think you may have gathered, I think you're rather fab!

Big love,

Cait xoxo


  1. What a lovely post. I really like this time of year too, it always feels like anything might be possible - in a good way!

    Wishing you lots more happiness and success in 2013 :o)

  2. I love the upbeat feeling of this post and wish you great continued success in 2013.

    1. Upbeat all the way for 2013 Alison, enjoy it all!

  3. Fab post, Cait. You're spot on!

    Wishing you and your girls a happy, successful and healthy 2013!


  4. Thanks, lovely Cathie. Here's to a wonderful year for you, hubby and Crooked Cat xoxo