Sunday 28 October 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Hey all, I've finally signed up for SSS and am very excited about it. This is from my debut novel 'Romancing the Seas', due out on January 7th 20113. (Holy moly I'll be waiting a long time :) ) Without further ado :):

Adrenaline pulled her back from the brink of tears. “Well, I do apologise. I got here as soon as I could and even ran down twelve flights of stairs because the lift isn’t working.” It was rare she felt like a naughty child, and the feeling wasn’t a very comfortable one.
She satisfied herself by returning his bad-tempered look, putting the full force of her jetlag and exasperation with discourteous men into her gaze. A picture could tell a thousand words and she was sure she was a portrait of annoyance. 
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  1. Welcome to SSS!! Great six. Love that last paragraph.

    1. :-) Thanks Sera...tis an interesting place to be alright!

  2. Welcome, Cait. I loved your six sentences. Best of luck with Romancing the Seas when it comes out.

  3. Nice Six, Cait. And I love your website, way cool.


  4. Welcome to SSS! Great beginning snippet. Loved the description in the final paragraph. Lovely writing!

  5. Thanks Jenna, both for welcome and compliments :)

  6. Very nice six. I love that she gives it right back to him!

  7. Thanks Joanne :)and for coming on by!

  8. This is a fun blog, I like a feisty woman who stands up to her man! Look forward to reading more!