Tuesday 23 October 2012

Come along and guess the song!

Twice a week, I will post a very short story. Not just any ole story, but a story based on a popular love song or piece of art. This song could be from any decade, the only criteria being that it was and is well known both here in the UK and across the Pond.

Do you recognise it? Have a guess and let me know. It would also be fun to hear if this is what you thought the story behind the song was or did you have something totally different in your imagination?

I'll let you know the answer in my next blog post (I hope to post on Tuesdays and Fridays so as not to leave you too long to wait :) )

The song from Friday was Careless Whispers, George Michael. Sigh, I loved that song. I know this is all quite subjective, but hey, it’s all a bit of fun too. I am researching and looking for songs that seem to defy genres and times. So take a look at this one, it’s not obvious so there are some lyrics left intact.

Have fun!

Here's today’s, Tuesday the 23rd October. The next post will be on Friday.

He turned the corner, head lowered against the wind and rain and saw her, battling the elements to open her car door. Fumbling with her keys, they eventually fell into the gutter. She made a desperate bid to catch them, loosening her grip on her shopping so that it, too, followed the way of the keys. 

She looked as though she was about to join them.

He ran over and scooped her bedraggled items up, found the keys and opened her car door.

Relief lightened her face as she gazed at him before uncertainty caused her to drop her gaze.  

Reaching out, he gently touched her face, wanting to pull her into his arms. 

Hold her for a million years.  

She smiled a regretful smile, yet a deeper emotion glimmered in her blue eyes.

That night, he watched the stars come out and thought of her. Were those pretty eyes shedding tears, tears that no-one was there to dry.  If it meant not eating, turning black and blue, for her he would do it.   He knew there was nothing that he wouldn’t do.

 For her. 

A night spent tossing and turning didn’t help her make her decision. At 4am, she had risen and made a hot drink, allowing the confusion and regret to rage in her, a rolling sea of emotions.

Could they make it work?  The wind rattled around her little house, making her jump. Was it time for change?

She knew that there was nothing that he wouldn’t do. 

But was it enough?


  1. I'm horrible with this type of stuff! lol I listen to music all the time but I hardly ever remember song titles or even who sings them.

    Sorry...I did enjoy the story...very emotional.

  2. lol thanks for coming by and commenting. I think when I give the answers that in future I'm going to upload a You Tube link so you can listen and go a-ha! I do know it. Thanks Christine for the compliment too.

  3. Oh, this is going to drive me nuts!! LOL Great job, but I'm going to be banging my head on my keyboard until I can place it!

    What a great idea, btw!

  4. oh no, the last thing I want to be doing is keeping writers from their work :). Shall I give a clue -- it was written by Bob Dylan and covered by many many artists. And I shall figure out how to upload YouTube clips then by Friday. Thanks for coming along, Ceri :)

  5. Ugh. I'm not much better than my sisters. I can't think of what generated the story. I'll have to play a few times before I start to 'get it.' It's a great idea, though, Cait.

  6. Yeah, no clue again. But I love the premise! LOL

    1. Thanks Calisa, for dropping by and commenting anyway! (it was your comment re country that made me think of this one! It's been covered by Garth Brooks (oh is he country?!!?)

  7. I have no idea, but I did spend a few enjoyable minutes feeding your fish in your fish pond.LOL!

  8. :-) Darn I forgot about feeding them, s'pose I'm going to have to clean them out sometime soon too!

  9. Oh, I know this! But...I can't pull it out! Ah! Great idea and so much fun, Cait! Now I'm going to be distracted all day trying to figure this out, lol! Loved the story :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Let's see, can I give another clue?! Written by Bob Dylan, covered by a few artists including Garth Brooks and it was part of the soundtrack for Hope Floats...:)

  10. I think I know this one (and not just because of that last clue)!! Is it 'To Make You Feel My Love'? My other guess is Heart 'All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You' - but that song has a leeeetle different feel! :)

  11. :-)))))))))) I ain't saying nothing but...you just could be right!

  12. I suck at this game! But it's fun!